Xenon I


Descended from the original Terraformers released by Earth about a millennium ago, the Xenon underwent many waves of machine evolution. Mechano-taxonometrists are fairly certain that the line of TF/Xenon present in the known sectors today belong to the ninth diversification branch (of roughly 27). The I/BRANCH9 - commonly referred to as just I - is probably the largest warship in the known galaxy. So far, it has only been spotted from great distances as nobody has lived through any closer encounter with it. It is therefore anticipated to be a most fearsome machine that, even if alone, has little to fear from other single capital ships or even modest fleets. Nothing more is really known about it yet rumour about it and paranoid false-sighting reports are rife. So far, and most fortunately, it has not been reliably reported to be seen venturing outside of Xenon core sectors. Indeed, it is not known if more than one of these behemoth war machines actually exists.


Ship info

Ship size: Extra Large (XL)

Shield strengh: 4 500 000 HP

Hull strenght: 22 800 000 HP

Cargobay: n/a

Max speed: 64 m/s

Total DPS: 319 500

+4km DPS: 319 500

Estimated price: 174 100 000 CR

Production info

No current production info available. If you have the necessary data, please let us know!

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Large destroyer

Xenon I

Xenon I