Armed transporter


Not much is known about this powerful armed-Freighter, except that it appears to be beyond the manufacturing capabilities of the Reivers themselves. Experts assume that the Reivers have a limited number of these ships which they have maintained over the decades since the Fall of the Gates. To the present day, the Titurels origin remains a mystery that many factions would like to see solved.


Ship info

Ship size: Extra Large (XL)

Shield strengh: 1 200 000 HP

Hull strenght: 1 800 000 HP

Cargobay: 250 000 m3

Max speed: 51 m/s

Total DPS: 43 800

+4km DPS: 7 400

Estimated price: 18 800 000 CR

Production info

Bio-optic wiring: 106

Energy cells: 1 070

Food rations: 520

Fusion reactors: 28

Podkletnov Generators: 62

Microchips: 132

Plasma-flow regulators: 34

Reinforced metal plating: 108

Scanning array: 116

Ship showcase



Armored patrol



Large destroyer

Phoenix Marauder

Phoenix Marauder

Armed transporter