Rahanas Container


The Rahanas Container Freighter is designed upon a Common Ground layout and built by several contractors. It is easily recognisable due to its distinctive storage modules that can load containers only; its technical specifications are unremarkable at best but it gets the job done as pilots note.


Ship info

Ship size: Large (L)

Shield strengh: 300 000 HP

Hull strenght: 1 300 000 HP

Cargobay: 100 000 m3

Max speed: 78 m/s

Total DPS: 11 200

+4km DPS: n/a

Estimated price: 8 900 000 CR

Production info

Bio-optic wiring: 98

Energy cells: 440

Food rations: 240

Fusion reactors: 18

Podkletnov Generators: 22

Microchips: 86

Plasma-flow regulators: 16

Reinforced metal plating: 48

Scanning array: 44

Ship showcase

Styrvok Bulk


Onil (Mineral)


Heavy Sul

Heavy Sul