Named after the vessel of late Cho tNnt, a folk hero amongst virtually all Split, this class of ship is small and fast but, due to its very weak weaponry, nearly useless in combat. Only the fierce determination of its Split pilots, many of whom have used the Bonescout in kamikaze attacks, can turn this small craft into a formidable weapon.


Ship info

Ship size: Small (S)

Shield strengh: 4 000 HP

Hull strenght: 5 000 HP

Cargobay: n/a

Max speed: 413 m/s

Total DPS: 1 400

+4km DPS: n/a

Estimated price: 693 286 CR

Production info

Bio-optic wiring: 0

Energy cells: 57

Food rations: 20

Fusion reactors: 1

Podkletnov Generators: 1

Microchips: 1

Plasma-flow regulators: 0

Reinforced metal plating: 3

Scanning array: 1

Ship showcase

Eterscel Vanguard

Eterscel Vanguard


Triath Vanguard

Triath Vanguard


Xenon M

Xenon M