The Balor is a relatively modern frigate built by the contractor Albionmetals. It is small and agile due to its responsive and powerful main engine and attitude thrusters. Although its weapons systems are regarded as average compared to other frigates, they are still quite formidable for a ship that small. The Balor has an elaborate ejection mechanism that can deliver torpedoes to within a meters range of the projected target area from as far as a half light-second away. The vessel is capable of performing complex missions on its own, specialising in the delivery of torpedoes.


Ship info

Ship size: Large (L)

Shield strengh: 600 000 HP

Hull strenght: 500 000 HP

Cargobay: n/a

Max speed: 96 m/s

Total DPS: 21 900

+4km DPS: 10 700

Estimated price: 8 500 000 CR

Production info

Bio-optic wiring: 124

Energy cells: 480

Food rations: 290

Fusion reactors: 18

Podkletnov Generators: 26

Microchips: 118

Plasma-flow regulators: 22

Reinforced metal plating: 58

Scanning array: 58

Ship showcase

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