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The route below was composed by CMDR VicTic/SchmicTic and it takes you over 550 planets - all Earth-like or water worlds. With the increase in exploration payouts, the route is extremely profitable. All systems listed below are just a few hundred lightyears away from the bubble which makes them perfect for starter explorers or veterans in need of a quick cash fix. It's of no surprise that the route is called "The Road To Riches".

Also, a big thanks to CMDR HittingSmoke for converting the improved list for Pathfinder use.

You can mark visited systems with the button, while the button hides all the systems above the one where you clicked the button. This comes handy when you're about to continue your journey and don't want to click a hundred systems above the one you're currently in. To copy the system name to your clipboard, simply click the button

Water world - Earth-like - High metal content

# Jump System Planet Distance Type Actions