A major discovery has been revealed, and it comes straight from one of the biggest mysteries in Elite lore. A new megaship called the Zurara awaits deep in the Formidine Rift!

One of the longest ongoing mysteries in Elite finally came to a major breakthrough. As we’ve been told – this “puzzle” was planted in-game ever since launch of Elite version 1.0, and it has taken players up until now to get the main piece solved. Zurara can be found in Syreadiae JX-F C0.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself – Haven’t megaships been implemented just recently with the latest patch? How is it possible to have one of them planted ever since launch? Well, turns out that the location and the ship was always there – but since the last patch it was a wreckage of an Anaconda. Frontier decided to give it a proper upgrade to a full sized megaship with the latest update.

Not only that, but the story about the crew, their mental state and more info on the happenings around their last moments in this galaxy are revealed through narrated logs. This makes it the first time Frontier actually used voiced acting in-game for such an occasion. Hopefully – this is a glimpse of the upcoming content this game needs badly at this point.

The whole story comes from Drew Wagar and involves the lost “colony” of people sent into the black many years ago, but were lost ever since. Even today, all info about the expedition is very well hidden or almost non-existant, and only clues left are distant settlements way out of the bubble.

Now, all this comes at a very convenient time where a big event is about to take place on April 29th. The upcoming event involves Lady Kahina Loren, known as Salome, who promised to unveil a major conspiracy to the public. For those unfamiliar with Drew Wagar’s books, there’s a nice read on Salome on his official website.

Also, if you missed it - here's more info on the previous happenings around the Formidine Rift mystery.