In a recent Reddit post, Zac Antonaci (part of Frontier's Head of community management) talked about the development process and how various suggestions, forum posts and requests get implemented... You can read his full post below.

Hey guys,

I thought I would jump on in here and leave a post to address some of the points you raised.

First of all, I want to assure you that the development team are aware of the community feedback, suggestions, top issues on a very regular basis. Not only is feedback from all of the community platforms pulled into a detailed summary which is then discussed and talked about with the heads of development super regularly but they are also active in the community sections, both reading and commenting.

I think it's important to understand that the development team do have incredible levels of feedback and engagement with the community and I truly believe that. To put this in perspective when an update goes live the developers join the community during server down time for 8+ hours to answer questions and talk about content. There were the weekly livestreams during beta to talk about the feedback being taken on-board, numerous live AMA's where the top upvoted questions are ALWAYS answered by David Braben and the team and then you have the regular posts about the recent updates which then goes out in forums and in the newsletter.

You may remember there were about (sorry can’t remember the exact number) 4 or 5 posts detailing the changes to AI, NPCs and Engineers to directly address the concerns of the community the weeks after the update as well as a number of server side and client side fixes. Then there is also activities like having developers heading down in their droves to events such as Lavecon and holding panels to talk about Elite Dangerous.

I truly do believe that Frontier are leading the way in taking on board community feedback and addressing it, as well as being open and transparent about the development of the game.

However, as has been mentioned in the comments already, it's also vitally important that we aren't making promises that we are then not able to deliver and that we are talking about updates at a point which we know they will be making it into the game and we can give the right level of detail on them.

I also understand the frustrations with content that might not be what you specifically were looking for but it's also important to understand there are players with so many different aims and aspirations. That's what’s awesome about having a game where you can blaze your own trail.

Then there are other points, such as the lack of module storage etc that you raised. These aren't things that fall on deaf ears. The want and desire are fed into the development of the game but these developments take time to develop and then we return back to the point again of needing to ensure that we are talking about content when it is ready to do so. When you hear words like "Module storage is something we are looking into and would like to see in the game" then this is clearly explaining that we like the idea and it's something that we would like to bring into the game but we aren't able to give timescales and details just yet.

I know that times like now, when there is less news on the development, after the update is live and before the road to the next update can be a little frustrating but bear with us and we'll be able to give you some more details about the content being developed, including some detailed Q&A sessions, AMA's, show and tells and much more, as soon as it's ready.