We've all been out exploring the deep black at least once. Whether for just a few hours or for weeks spent thousands of lightyears away from home. However, commander Fireytoad took it to the next level by traveling to the four most distant locations in the galaxy!

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"I had heard of Beagle point, and how far it was from Sol, and I thought to myself 'Can you go further?'" CMDR Fireytoad says, regarding the journey’s preparation.

Examining the Galactic Map, it became apparent there were many stars past Beagle Point. To get to the furthest reaches of the Galaxy, he would need a bigger ship.

"I realized that my trusty Asp Explorer that had seen me right on many a journey would not suffice. I turned to the Anaconda, and while it was a little better, it wasn’t going to cut it."

Fireytoad sought out aid from an engineer named Felicity Farseer. After meeting her demands, her labors bore fruit, increasing the Anaconda’s jump range to 50ly. On May 31, FireyToad embarked on his mission.

Several jumps out from Jameson Memorial, on June 2 3302, Fireytoad arrived at Oevasy SG-Y d0. At 65,647.34 light years from Sol, it’s the furthest known star system from the home of humanity. The edge of the Galaxy proved to be a beautiful sight, but the expedition hadn’t yet satisfied FireyToad’s appetite for adventure.

"On the way back I wondered: where else could I go?" he recalls. "I decided to visit the furthest systems due east, west, and south of the core Sagittarius A."

An extended trek would push his Anaconda to new limits; work had to be done. "After another visit to Felicity Farseer, she was able to boost my FSD to a mighty 57.63ly or 115.47ly using a 100% FSD Injection.” FireyToad explains. With this incredible range, he set off once again.

Heading to Eorm Bra KL-P D5-0, FireyToad stopped by the renowned Jaques Station in Eol Prou PX-T D3-908. It was a small taste of home as he ventured to the edge of known space.

On August 2 3302 FireyToad reached Eorm Bra KL-P D5-0, but stayed only briefly. Determined to see his expedition through, he returned to the core before heading south to Phoi Theia QI-B D13-0, which he reached on August 16 3302.

The final leg of FireyToad's journey would prove more challenging.

"My last trip was to the eastern edge but I took a wrong turn and went down the wrong galactic arm." he says "It was a little embarrassing, so after making a U-turn, I headed in the correct direction. It wasn’t all bad as I broke one million light years travelled, or 40 percent of the way to the Andromeda galaxy."

On August 31, FireyToad reached the climax of his adventure, arriving in Phai Fruia MI-B D13-0 and completing the four points of the galactic compass.

When asked what was next on FireyToad's agenda, the answer was simple "I just have to get back to Jaques and turn in over 3,000 systems for Universal Cartographics. I have 30k light years to go; I’ll be there by dinner time."