During the Naughty or Nice winter holiday event, New Eden was introduced to the exciting reindeer-themed jump Filaments that were capable of catapulting fleets from anywhere in space to random Nullsec systems. This had the delightful effect of pitting Capsuleer fleets against each other in unexpected (for some) combat! The good news is, these Filaments are now returning to New Eden permanently and will be available as early as Thursday, 27 February!

There will be six variations of the new Needlejack Filaments, capable of moving up to 25 players into a random Nullsec system upon activation. Some of the Needlejack Filaments will be available in a fully built state and will drop in exploration data sites, while others can be manufactured from BPCs. Some will even be distributed exclusively through upcoming events.

Once you get your hands on these jump Filaments, you can once again yeet your fleet directly into some action.

Also, to compensate players for the connectivity issues caused by the lengthy DDoS attack, all Alpha capsuleers will be given 100,000SP while Omegas get 350,000.

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