Egosoft is keeping a tight lid on any new info about the X4 series but there has been a recent flood of new screenshots showcasing various stations, ships and cockpits of the ongoing work…

Even though there has been no recent official statements about the upcoming sequel to the X universe, Egosoft has confirmed that X4: Foundations will be released this year! Judging by the recent shots, a lot of work has been done when it comes to general lighting, shaders and UI which now feels cleaner and uses a lot of cockpit projections to show various info around your ship rather than cumbersome console-like menus that the previous game had.

New screenshots show the Teladi Osprey and details around the ship interior like the walking ramp which leads onto the shipyard platform and the glassy look of the cockpit itself.

The other round showcases station communication without leaving the ship, however if you do decide to leave the helm, one of the NPCs will take over while you freely move around.

We can also see various landing pad sizes and docking procedures. So even though multiple ships can share the same landing pad size, their position will differ from simple pads in the middle of the station to outwards docks specially fitted for loading cargo onto large vessels.

As in X3, you will be able to fit a docking computer to simplify the whole procedure.