Polish your ships and get ready for more profitssss because both the X4: Cradle of Humanity expansion and the extensive 4.00 update for X4: Foundations will be released on March 16, 2021!

A few months have passed since the announcement of X4: Cradle of Humanity at gamescom 2020, and the start of the beta phase for the 4.00 update of X4: Foundations. Thanks to the great efforts of the dev team, who have been working from home for almost a year, EGOSOFT can now usher in the next chapter of X4: Foundations.

This major 4.00 update, which will be available to all owners of the game upon release, enhances X4: Foundations in numerous ways, including completely new gameplay features and extensive technical improvements. Insights into some of these exciting new features, such as volumetric fog, the new terraforming end-game activity, and new ways to manage hostilities, have already been given. In the weeks leading up to the 4.00 release, EGOSOFT will reveal further new aspects through news articles, videos and livestreams. Rest assured that the 4.00 update will be as attractive to new players as it will be to X4 experts.

If you want to have a closer look at the changes already being tested, you can find the change log for the current 4.00 beta version on the official forum.

X4: Cradle of Humanity - The next chapter of X4

X4: Cradle of Humanity is the second expansion for X4: Foundations and will bring the X series back to Earth. It significantly increases the size of the game universe with new sectors, and welcomes two Terran factions along with their economy, ships, weapons and stations. New game-starts bring players closer to the identity and political stance of the Terran factions, and offer alternative perspectives on events in the history of X4: Foundations.