More than a month has passed since EGOSOFT unveiled the next expansion for X4: Foundations at Gamescom 2020. X4: Cradle of Humanity brings the X series back to Earth and expands the game's universe with new sectors and two Terran factions, including their economies, ships, weapons and stations. The expansion tells new stories and introduces the identity and political stance of the Terran factions, as well as giving an alternative perspective on existing story developments in X4: Foundations.

Although only about six weeks have passed since the unveiling of X4: Cradle of Humanity, it has become clear during that time that EGOSOFT's originally announced goal of a release by the end of 2020 will not be achievable. Release of X4: Cradle of Humanity is currently aimed at the first quarter of 2021.

Egosoft apologized for the delay in the latest newsletter claiming they are absolutely sure that this decision will be good for the expansion, and will improve the quality of X4: Cradle of Humanity to meet both player and developers’ own expectations. More info about the expansion will be available in the upcoming weeks.

A new ship - but whose is it?

Cradle of Humanity

To keep us excited for X4: Cradle of Humanity in spite of the postponement, EGOSOFT decided to show us one of the new ships that will find its way into the game through the expansion.

Unusual, isn't it? Althought we got no further info at this point - you may already have an idea who this ship might belong to…

3.30 stability patch on the way

In other news,  a new patch for the current 3.30 version of X4: Foundations will be available for download very soon. This is purely a stability patch, which means that it does not include any gameplay changes or new features. "3.30 Hotfix 1", as the patch is officially called, fixes, among other things, a display corruption experienced by players with AMD Radeon™ RX 5600 XT graphics cards with the Glow option enabled. This patch will go through a short Public Beta period before full release, and you are all invited to take part! If you wish to beta test the patch, simply follow the instructions below.


  • Make sure that your savegames are backed up!
  • To start using the Beta version, right-click X4: Foundations in the Steam client
  • Select Properties and go to the Betas tab
  • Enter the password IBackedUpMySaves
  • Select public_beta from the dropdown list.
  • To return to using the non-Beta version, select NONE from the same dropdown list.

GOG Galaxy

  • Make sure that your savegames are backed up!
  • Select X4: Foundations in your GOG Galaxy game collection.
  • Click on "More > Settings"
  • On the right hand side of the page, click on "Beta Channels: OFF" and select "ON"
  • Click on the "Channel" option and select "Add Private Channels"
  • Enter the password for the "Public Beta" channel: IBackedUpMySaves
  • Select the "Public Beta" channel.
  • To return to using the non-Beta version, click on the "Channel" dropdown and select "default"