With this update the Rebuplic of Cantera gives traders access to their newest mining ship, the Onil, hoping to help the stagnant economy in Devries. The map received a text search field to filter and find different objects easier, and a so-called "Container Magnet" (activated by a hotkey) simplifies the collection of containers floating in space. Again, new generic missions and mission variants were added into the game, thus increasing the employment opportunities for space pilots, and a new FXAA graphic option found its way into the game too.

Just as usual, update 3.50 not only includes new features, but also fixes and improvements of existing functions. Among these are improvements to the station manager and station owned ship trade behavior, a better balancing and accuracy of combat calculations when the player is not present and an improved response of player owned stations when nearby player ships are attacked. And thanks to the forum user eliseeff and the x3tc.net community Egosoft provided a reworked Russian localisation with this update. 

Last but not least, there are some exciting news for the modders: Update 3.50 added the support for modding the User Interface (UI). Egosoft already created some documentation and are providing support on official forums. For further information please visit the UI modding - support thread in the Scripts and Modding forum.