I like most of the cockpits in Rebirth, and I think each of them serves a different purpose. However, I find myself coming back to the "original" Skunk cockpit all the time... except - the upper part of the screen is mostly covered by random panels and wires.

So, after some searching and a lot of mistakes which kept removing all the wrong parts of the Skunk, I managed to create this little mod (Steam workshop link). It removes everything from the upper part of the screen making the default, Pride of Albion, cockpit much cleaner and gives you a bigger viewing angle. The only other part that still needed a bit of work was FoV.

Now, have in mind changing FoV is not something that is implemented in game and using very high values will break your UI. Even changing the FoV value by a small amount makes the side-panel menu clip out of it's place. But if you're using the normal on-screen UI, you won't have any problems with higher FoV values.

I find 1.2 to be a perfect setup for my monitor (24'' @ 1920x1200) but feel free to play around with the numbers until you find your own sweet spot. However, I wouldn't recommend going above 1.3 because it warps the image quite a bit.

Details to change your ingame FoV can be found on the Steam mod page as well.