In the continuing efforts to improve X Rebirth, Egosoft has released the X Rebirth 2.50 series Updates on Steam (currently at 2.51). Update 2.51 comes with a host of new features many players have asked for. Among those is the external camera and the free cockpit view letting you play the game with a whole new perspective, new shipyards and ship traders allowing you to buy also small and medium sized ships and a new side-bar based main menu giving you easier access to several game menus. A new mission chain called Diplomatic Aid will give you more insight into the diplomatic talks between different factions and new generic missions will increase the diversity of things you can do when you wish. 

In addition to these new things, a lot of improvements and bugfixes have been made in X Rebirth 2.51. These affect several different menu options, the ship AI, performance improvements and many others.