August 2nd 2021. will go down in EVE history as the end of World War Bee 2 as PAPI forces fail the final push for 1DQ and retaliate back while unanchoring their structures in the region…

As announced somewhere last week, PAPI forces prepared for the final assault on 1DQ – the very heart of Goonswarm in Delve. The last bastion that was left after over a year of active war throughout the cluster. This war was long and brought massive losses while in recent months both sides came to a stalemate with summer approaching and people generally spending more time outside.

However, PAPI forces had a plan that would involve jumping multiple fleets into 1DQ to try and finally take down the last stand of Goons. With cyno jammers in place, the idea was to sneak in a fleet of T3 cruisers to ref the jammer so they could jump in their own capital forces.

Unfortunately for them, Goons were up and ready with their own massive defence fleet that managed to destroy almost 3000 PAPI ships in and around 1DQ in heavy TIDI.

As the kill report was catching up with the server it was more and more obvious that this operation will not go as planned. Thousands of players joined the Imperium stream on Twitch as they witnessed a historical moment in EVE which was followed by a spy stream from within PAPI right after the fight was over.

As expected, line-member morale was extremely low as PAPI leadership called for a swift evacuation and preparation for departing Delve. The usual war propaganda, spins and trash-talk followed by blaming the server for bad performance and CCP for cutting down Jita taxes in the recent patch making TTT (Tranquility Trading Tower in the system of Perimeter) lose a large amount of ISK in taxes that was used on both sides.

Regardless of whether you participated in the war efforts or not – it's undeniable that even after losing pretty much all of their citadels and their whole home region, Goonswarm and general Imperium forces managed to hold their foothold and keep their morale high to face enemy forces that outnumbered them 3:1. Not all wars are fought on equal ground or perfect conditions. Usually you need to go with whatever you have and line-member morale plays a crucial role in this.

End of World War Bee 2

Now what?

The following days will probably be full of Goons propaganda and smugness. As multiple Imperium higherups mentioned live on stream and on various social platforms – the war is not over for them. It has just started! PAPI forces are now facing a major crisis with smaller alliances and corporations within questioning their leadership and it's to be expected their numbers will fall.

BRAVE already found themselves between a rock and a hard place right after the fight since they obviously don't see eye-to-eye with their current coalition partners but heavily rely on them to evac successfully. However, and this needs to be said – BRAVE leadership made an extremely honourable and praise worthy move by admitting to their mistakes and simply calling it as it is. No spins, no server or CCP blaming.

The real question here is – what all of this means for the general picture of EVE. Everyone is well aware of the major issues caused by the „blue donut“ where everyone and their grandmother has everyone else’s grandmothers set as friendly – basically denying themselves content in the long run.

As much as people like to blame „scarcity“ for the current state of EVE, players themselves also need to be realistic and look at their own alliances and coalitions for what they are and how it all impacted both the market and their relations.

Will PAPI members break their coalition relations? Are we going to witness rebellion from within and multiple corps and alliances forming new smaller groups that will finally invigorate life in nullsec? In any case, the end of this year will definitely be a big stepping stone for EVE's history since wars like these usually mean huge changes on the sov map... And with CCP's promise to end scarcity with a potential dynamic distribution of resources throughout nullsec in the upcoming months, it's safe to say we're currently witnessing a start of a brand new chapter in EVE Online.