All the trees have been decorated, the festive spirit is in the air and the living room is filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies… All that is left to do is wrap up our giveaway!

The almighty random generator has decided again, and you can find the lucky winners below. Those on the list will be contacted by e-mail so make sure to check your spam folder if by any chance the mail ended up in there, or feel free to contact me if you’re having issues with the keys given.

Starpoint Gemini 2

  • Ryker
  • Kaldo
  • Fett

Starpoint Gemini Warlords

  • Jingo the bad bounty hunter
  • Hrv4tin4

Elite: Dangerous

  • Selene Santori

EVE: Online (Content pack)

  • Cerebrus Lex
  • Flint McFly
  • Kat Mallukai
  • Xillos

EVE: Online PLEX

  • Icara Sethis

Once again, thank you for visiting Alpha Orbital, fly safe and happy holidays!