LGM Games publishes another free update for Starpoint Gemini Warlords on Xbox One which brings a myriad of fixes and improvements; mainly in the area of economy and gameplay.

When it comes to economy, mining in Starpoint Gemini Warlords is now somewhat cheaper. Construction prices for all three mine types have been reduced, as well as the costs for some researches; specifically for Refit and Support research.

Everyone loves collecting resources! Well, there is some great news for you because asteroids, derelicts and gas pockets now give more resources. Additionally, there is a price increase for commodities.

Moving on to gameplay changes, LGM brings good news to all you space truckers; stations now offer a lot more equipment in the storage. Building on top of space trucking; there is a lot of freelancers in the game as well. The new update brings great news in that gameplay area because freelance mission rewards now grant more credits, and they scale a lot better through the game. LGM has also updated the Conquest feature where conquering outposts, stations and planets now give more credits and/or resources.

On top of those changes, the new update brings a new ship! Its name is Glycon and it belongs to a Battleship class, and is a bit more powerful in contrast to other battleships, although not in all statistics.

Finally, good news for warmongers and warlords: boarding has been overhauled! Players now don't have to collect research percentages for foreign ships. So therefore it's now possible to build the foreign ship immediately following the boarding, of course if all the other conditions are fulfilled.

Starpoint Gemini Warlords Update is out now on Xbox One.

Full changelog

New Conquest feature:

  • Conquering outposts gives Credits;
  • Conquering stations gives credits/resources;
  • Conquering planets gives resources.

New features with profession ships:

  • Destroying profession ships grants credits or resources, depending on the type of destroyed ship. The feature doesn't work with planetary assault, campaign and separate starts (A'shriari, Pirates);
  • Rewards exponentially increase with player's level.


  • The bug with incorrect portrait has been fixed;
  • Quartermaster has been added to Rise of Numibia start. Gladiatrix Arena, on the other hand has not been implemented;
  • Some bugs that have led to mission crashes in Freelance missions have been fixed.


  • There was a crash to Xbox dashboard when trying to select a Glycon ship. This is now fixed.
  • Prosperity Titan was nowhere to be found after researching. This is now fixed.

Economy boost:

  • Construction prices for all three mine types have been reduced;
  • Construction price for Hub Lvl 3 has been reduced from 50k Ore to 25k Ore;
  • Construction price for Hangar Lvl 3 has been reduced from 80k Ore to 25k Ore;
  • Research cost has been reduced for some researches. Specifically for Refit and Support research (Proxima price is still the same);
  • Asteroids give more resources;
  • Derelicts give more resources;
  • Gas pockets and anomalies give more resources;
  • Commodities price has been increased.


  • Stations have a lot more equipment in the storage;
  • On the start of Salvage mission, the player gets +5 Scavenger Swarm;
  • On the start of Protector mission, the player gets +5 Borehole Torpedos;
  • Freelance mission rewards grant more credits, and they scale better through the game;
  • Boarding: The player doesn't have to collect research percentages for foreign ships. Now it's possible to build the foreign ship following the boarding (if all the other conditions are fulfilled).

Free Glycon ship can be bought at the following stations:

  • Rotterdam Shipyard (26.25 mil)
  • Alexandria Military (26.25 mil)
  • Plymouth Shipyard (26.25 mil)
  • Atlantean Military (29.4 mil)