As the title implies, with the 0.900 update, SPG: Warlords is officially entering the beta stage! All the major features are implemented and from now on, the focus will be set on balancing, tweaking and bug fixes.

So, what’s new with the game?

  • Your neighbourhood just got some friendly new warmasters. They will be eagerly awaiting to join your ranks so they can level up and switch to more powerful ships.
  • Skills and classes got overhauled as well – per community request. All the skills are now unlocked and ready to be unleashed on the enemy. During a respec, you can shuffle your skill-set in any way you like.
  • A new soundtrack, specifically made for Warlords has been implemented
  • Additional gameplay mechanics allows meaningful raiding of enemy structures.
  • Capturing stations and planets yields extra rewards, one of which is the ability to construct ships in multiple locations, as the community requested.

Note: Saves made in previous versions will no longer work. Due to the large changes being made to core gameplay and the mechanics it wasn’t possible to keep old saves compatible.

Full patch notes can be found on Steam discussion boards.