Beta testing is over and new patches have been deployed for the most popular X games in the series. As before, patches contain multiple improvements, new features, UI additions and performance tweaks.

X:Rebirth – patch 4.10

This update brings a number of improvements that didn't quite make it into 4.00, and a few fixes for things that did. In particular, capital ship movement and general AI flight behaviour has been improved in specific situations, and some UI tweaks including adding ammunition information to the detail menus for ships and stations have been made. As usual, Egosoft also improved performance here and there and squashed some crash bugs. Some of the improvements made have come as a side-effect of the efforts on the VR Edition that Egosoft is still working on.

The full changelog is available on the official forums.

X3: Albion Prelude 3.2 and X3: Terran Conflict 3.3

Most of these are fixes, and have been applied to both games; those of you with many playing hours will be pleased to note that one of these addresses the performance and memory issues that can occur with certain missions. Modders will find a few small improvements in X3AP, and players who use the Russian and Chinese localisations will hopefully be pleased to see text improvements that had been made in X3AP have now been back-ported to X3TC. Also back-ported to X3TC, though currently only in the Windows version, is the controller support from X3AP.