LGM brings an update with major improvements to sandbox game mode, new missions and events, entire new customization system for your beautiful spaceship, alongside expanded selection of various modules to assemble your craft... and much more!

During last several weeks LGM successfully „cooked“ another cool update for Starpoint Gemini 3. Full changelog is posted below, but some highlights would be a number of additions to expand the sandbox experience, several player requested changes to accessibility of freeroam between missions, brand new customization panels so all of you can get crreative with your own ship, and a nice bundle of fresh ship modules to assemble your avatar of destruction!

Also, LGM shared a quick preview of what's coming next – among other things in the upcoming updates, you can expect steam achivements and finally, the introduction of player owned capital ships!

Patch notes

  • ADDED: A number of new player ship modules, available at numerous drydocks at stations/planets
  • ADDED: During campaign, freeroam is unlocked on more places between missions, to allow players increase in strength and weaponry before fights
  • ADDED: New encounter quest system with missions that can be picked up and followed
  • ADDED: New Starchart waypoint for following encounter mission
  • ADDED: Anomalies are now enlarged and appear throughout all systems
  • ADDED: Weapon turret platforms are now placed near some stations and objects
  • ADDED: Space stations now have defined drydock modules to sell
  • ADDED: New visual effect for both cruise and boost engine mode
  • ADDED: Experience points when destroying a structure
  • ADDED: New NPC miner ship AI
  • ADDED: Miner AI ships now leave miner loot when destroyed
  • ADDED: Three different types of chatters for drones
  • ADDED: NPC drones now can have various weapons
  • ADDED: Both Invert mouse X and mouse Y
  • UPDATED: All profession ships now spawn as intended – Miners, Scavengers, Gas Collectors
  • UPDATED: Improved debugging tool for tracking factions and professions
  • UPDATED: Improved loading procedure for some structures (Scaffoldings)
  • UPDATED: Correction of entire ambient in the Mars sector
  • UPDATED: Scenery update in Pyros sector
  • UPDATED: Scenery update in Earth sector
  • UPDATED: Improved NPC ship navigation and destination selection procedures
  • FIXED: After mission, waypoint marker will be in a correct spot
  • FIXED: Crosshair center added to options
  • FIXED: Weapon turrets will now always have correct position and alignment
  • FIXED: Eliminated bug when moving game launcher window
  • FIXED: Eliminated possible ship dissapearance when they are created far away from player ship
  • FIXED: Eliminated bug with NPC ships if they perform jump in directly in front of player
  • FIXED: Improvements to numerous scripts

(Original dev diary post on Steam.)