Just as we thought - It didn't take long for the Elite community to try various things and actually decode what the unknown probe is all about, and it looks like the probes do more than just point towards Merope.

A short while ago, commanders around the bubble started encountering military convoys that were causing a commotion around an unknown probe. Even less time passed and commanders themselves were finding unknown probes all over the place which were, apparently, causing various ship malfunctions and NPC crashes.

Finally, this morning, several reddit posts have popped up that show how the unknown probes actually work, how they shut down your ship systems (yes – all of them!) and most importantly, it seems we have an actual decoded message from the spooky sounds the probes let out.

We all expected Frontier to toss in some Thargoids somewhere at the end of this season, but it looks like we might stumble upon them even sooner...