After appearing for the first time in Starpoint Gemini 2, the enormously sized ships have finally arrived to Starpoint Gemini Warlords.

"The Gemini has changed, new adversaries have arrived shattering the stability of the whole galaxy, handing no mercy to anyone. No second chances. No remorse. How will you act in these moments can decide the fate of the whole galaxy. This is your moment. Choose wisely."

In Titans Return DLC players will have their hands on a three completely new Titan-class ships, all with unique abilities that can completely change the flow of the battle. And that's when the real fun begins, because players can:

  • Experience all-new storyline;
  • Command the Defiance, Legion or Juggernaut Titan;
  • Customize your Titan thoroughly thanks to the powerful in-game editor;
  • New free-roam scenario designed for players to prepare for the Titans content;
  • Choose your own Titan in either Campaign or any of the five free-roam scenarios;
  • Crush enemies like never before;

The Titan units are by far the biggest ships LGM has created to date. For a simple comparison:

  • The Titan vessels are up to 4 times larger than the largest ships in Gemini.

The Defiance Titan is an upgraded version of the tactical support vessel from the faction outside of the Gemini borders. Its power lies in providing the allied vessels with shield barriers.

Legion Titan is a secret project by the Core Worlds Alliance. It has the power to manipulate time and space to summon remnants of ships to fight for him. It utilizes this with an enormous AI core that is exposed to the space.

Finally, the Juggernaut is a wonder of scraping technologies and hardware parts all around the Gemini. With its focus on firepower it delivers the punch very quickly to bring an edge to the fight.

The Titans Return DLC will be available in August 2017 on Steam, GOG and GamersGate platforms.

NOTE: Base game will also be updated further, with new batch of bugfixes and improvements, as well as some content stuff.