Frontier has been extremely vague and silent when it comes to the upcoming features in patch 2.4 so many commanders hoped for some reveals during Lavecon. Luckily, we got at least some info.

Of course, right of the bat we get another confirmation on Thargoids. Everything we’ve discovered so far is in fact Thargoid related. Unknown artefacts, unknown probes, alien ships interdicting people and doing something with the barnacles… So no real surprise there – the Thargoids are really back.

Sandro Sammarco noted how they really want to make a good impression since you only get to reveal an alien race once, and they don’t want the Thargoids to be just another humanoid with modified looks. They want absolutely everything about them to really feel alien.

This can be seen in the way Thargoid ships move around, and from that it seems they are using some other kind of propulsion that is much more advanced than the technology currently available to humans.

Weapon modules

This brings us to another part of the live stream where Chris Gregory, art director, talked about some new modules and ship parts that are going to be used against our new alien friends. No details are known just yet, but it seems obvious players will have to go about to get the new modules and weapons since nothing we currently have can’t do any damage to the alien vessels. There was also a note how fighting will not be the only option to interact with the Thargoids, however – that will involve some extra risk… whatever that means.

Apart from that, 2.4 will bring some much needed quality of life changes like the new inbox UI and improvements for salvageable wreckages which get their own NPC now and will not be tradable on the market any more. Is this just another way to sell the stuff or will there actually be some form of gameplay involved is not currently known.

The last noticeable change Frontier announced was the change in the crime and punishment system – concretely SuicideWinders.

Players with high bounties will no longer be able to buy a cheap sidewinder and blow themselves up since the game will keep track of the ship you commit the crime in. So, once the hand of justice reaches you and you hit that rebuy screen – the game will check for the largest ship you did the crimes in, and add that rebuy to your current rebuy price. In extend, Frontier is introducing the Pilot’s Federation bounties – which are galaxy wide bounties you can’t shake off like the local ones.

Elite Dangerous new inbox

Sandro noted that this is not a karma system but it’s just a start for a much broader system they have been trying to come up with, and will implement at some point.