On June 24, CMDR Bomba Luigi set out on a short exploration journey, only 1,000 LY from home. He arrived at the system designated PRAEA EUQ GK-Y to explore planet B30-0 2.

After exploring the surface in his SRV, he decided it was time to recall his trusty Asp. But something wasn't quite right... the Asp took longer than usual to touch down nearby, the high walls of the Canyon that Bomba Luigi was in must have caused some confusion in the ship's navigation computer.

CMDR Luigi targeted his ship over the Horizon and watched as the shields plummeted to zero... shortly followed by the hull. An explosion was heard in the distance.

Luigi did what any experienced Elite Dangerous CMDR would do, and took to the forums to call for help. You can see his original post here. What followed must have exceeded Luigi's expectations, with hundreds of Commanders flooding the forum post to offer their suggestions, tips, mapping help, and to see how they can console this stranded commander.

The forum goers began to visit Luigi on the planet he'd aptly named 'Wilson', to see if they could fend off the incoming 'space madness', deliver him supplies and help with his mapping project of Luigi's planet-sized prison.

Commanders delivered him canisters of supplies to keep him alive. Luigi is an experienced explorer, so he's well-aware of what he needs to do, and the supplies he needs to track down, to keep the SRV running.