Update 9 for Elite: Dangerous – Odyssey lands and brings a long list of fixes, optimisations but most importantly new features, a glimpse at the upcoming carrier interiors and a brand new SRV!

The Scorpion – a brand new SRV designed specifically for supporting infantry on ground-based combat has rolled into action! It is fitted with 2 seats for a driver and a gunner, allowing two Commanders to operate as a team in this formidable fighting machine. They come fitted with two weapon types – the Surge Repeater, a rapid-fire weapon that increases its fire rate and accuracy the longer it's fired for and the Aculeus Launcher – a combination dumbfire and lock-on missile launcher. You can grab one of these only in military economies.

Multi limpet controller modules are also now available from the outfitting. Players can use these to program a limpet to perform one of various tasks and will be available in multiple types which dictate what functions it is able to program.

Planets are also getting an improvement pass in form of light tinting from atmospheres. This should result in better looking visuals as well as some performance boost. Update 9 will see us go further, with optimisation already well underway for motion graph animation, mid-far distance planet rendering, lighting, scatter rocks, object physics, AI and character models – all of these, and many more, contributing to a better Odyssey experience for our players.

If you're interested in full patch notes, please check the official forums – until then, make sure to watch the Scorpion trailer video below!