The last day of Gamescom and the final livestreams from Frontier… Even though a Thargoid invasion was half expected – we’re still kept in the dark with just vague hints.

Frontier didn’t show anything new today, but they took the time to recap everything coming with patch 2.2, and announced new paintjobs for the Imperial Cutter and the Federal Corvette. Some new questions were answered and you can find the whole list here (updated).

Now… one occurring thing during all streams was the constant distortion during David Braben’s interview that clearly kept showing some mysterious locations, blown up ships and tons of hidden binary code. It really didn’t take long for people to scan the video, extract all the code and decode it.

Some of the interviews were even leaked in advance, which might not even be by accident, and the final message said:

We've found something. Something incredible. Something the whole galaxy will want to see. The truth.

To find us, look for a bounty hunter.

To find more clues you'll need pre-logistics support in a system with one star, two belts, three rings, and enough radiation to turn you green.

The hunt begins on the 28th.

This message, followed by a GalCop video that contained a short message from a stranded pilot stating "They’re not coming for us. They are already here…" raised the roof among the community, and especially the Canonn research group who decoded all these messages.

Today, during the final moments of the second stream, Ed announced that they "apologize" for all the interference during the videos and that they "cleared up" the final one. As expected – a new sequence of binary code was shown. As before, it took the Canonn community moments to decode it. What they saw was totally unexpected but it sparked curiosity even more… The final hidden message said:

We could show it to you, that wouldn't be much fun so instead we're going to play a little game

Was it all a tease? Or were our expectations for the confirmation of aliens coming to Elite a bit too high? Whatever it turns out to be – at the moment, the only thing we can do is wait for the 28th and see what Frontier has in store for us.

Fly safe, and fly curiously commanders o7