Recently, we've had quite a streak when it comes to finding long-lost ships and solving major mysteries within the Elite: Dangerous galaxy. Today – the long lost Generation Ship Lycaon has been discovered!

As it turns out, two commanders - Cmdr Lexic and Cmdr EfilOne, announced their discovery immediately after stumbling upon this old abandoned jewel of history.

They came across an anomalous signal in the LHS-1047 system telling about a transponder source with a half-broken message pointing "22 towards Horae". They decided to follow up and after putting the pieces together found nothing less than the lost Generation ship Lycaon.

The ship in question is one of many ships sent out into space hundreds of years ago, back when FTL travel did not exist. None of these ships were ever found nor do we know what has become of them. Well, until now that is.

The Lycaon can be found floating adrift with her engines dead and all systems down except a few flickering lights. The ship contains five logs telling a story about their scientist who caught an illness of unknown alien origin while conducting research on a nearby asteroid. Unfortunately, the whole crew was wiped out very shortly afterwards.

If you’d like to visit the location yourself – note that it’s very close by and it will take you less than 30min to get there. You’ll want to head towards the Alaunus system – more precisely, toward the 10th planet in the system. Once there – remember the initial transponder signal, and lock onto the Horae system. Once you do, fly 22,000 Ls towards it and your sensors should pick up a signal with the correct location of the ship.

Once you drop into normal space, look around the ship for ship logs that can be scanned. Again, as with the ship found in the Formidine Rift – these stories are also voiced and really bring up the storytelling.