Another special event is around the corner and soon we will see the Angel Cartel and the Serpentis Corporation gather for their annual talks of business and the underworld politics of New Eden.

With narcotics smuggling on the rise, and the Cartel and Serpentis rumored to be using Super Kerr Injected Nano-coatings to mask the contents of their cargo holds, CONCORD are offering incentives for capsuleers to put a stop to the Gala, by locating and destroying their rally points.

The Guardian’s Gala starts on February 14th and ends on February 28th during which all players will be given a chance to get the new SKINs and boosters. Alongside, new SoCT and Venture faction SKINs will become available.

The patch 119.1 will also include interface improvements including more detailed market tax calculation breakdowns and improvements to how blueprints are displayed in the industry window to give more clarity. Pilots will now also be able to purchase any missing materials for their Industry jobs through the new “Buy Missing Material” option in the Industry window.

Pend Insurance will be expanding their market share and beginning to offer personal insurance in structures across New Eden. This means that pilots will be able to insure their ships in structures just the same as they can do so in stations across New Eden.