Today, Egosoft announced the great X Rebirth video competition. The aim of this competition is to find out who can make the best video of X Rebirth following the main theme of showing how your influence the X-Universe! Whether you want to tell a story, show a big battle between capital ships or illustrate the competition between the different factions and corporations is totally up to you. A jury, consisting of the X Rebirth developers, will evaluate the videos and choose the best ones.

Of course, this competition is not only about finding out who's the best, but also about winning great prizes! The grand prize will be the immortalization of the winner's name* in X Rebirth. It is still to be decided exactly how this will be done, but it may be within the texture of an asset or within the description or name of an in-game object, for example. We're of course happy to get some input about this from the winner too. In addition, the winner will also receive an X Rebirth poster signed by the Egosoft staff and will be able to choose one of the other prizes.

Among the other prizes are:

  • Steam keys for Kerbal Space Program
  • Steam keys for Faster Than Light
  • Steam keys for J.U.L.I.A. among the stars
  • Steam keys for Endless Space
  • Star Trek - Voyager 1: Heimkehr (book, German)
  • Star Trek - Typhon Pact 1: Nullsummenspiel (book, German)

(*The displayed name must be appropriate within the game's style and PEGI rating!)


  • Each participant can upload only one video.
  • The video shouldn't be longer than 5 minutes.
  • The video has to be uploaded to YouTube and the link must be posted in the public forum (For more info about that, see the info below)
  • Egosoft staff and their dependents are excluded from the participation.
  • Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.
  • The closing date of the competition is Sunday, the 26th April 2015 (at 23:59 GMT+2).


Once you have created and uploaded your video to YouTube, post the link to your video in the Video competition announcement topic and mark your post by inserting the title XR video competition#[your username] (replace [your username] with your actual nickname in the forum).

The deadline for the competition, when all videos have to be submitted, is Sunday, the 26th April 2015 (at 23:59 GMT+2).

For further information, please visit the X Rebirth video competition announcement topic in the forum.