The long silence has finally ended, and Frontier stepped forward to talk about the current state of the game, as well as the upcoming plans for Elite: Dangerous.

A lot of players will agree that this was a thing long coming, and that Frontier should’ve stepped up much sooner than this… but, better late than never!

After the fiasco that was update 2.3 with basically every feature broken apart from the commander creator (interestingly, the only part of the update that had actual cash-store items tided to it), many players stopped actively playing and forums/reddit exploded with negative comments and feedback.

During all that time, Frontier stayed pretty much silent. Some info was available on the upcoming minor patch but apart from that – nothing…

After many negative speculations, Zac Antonaci, head of communications, finally made a post talking about the current issues. And, to be honest, even though the post didn’t say much – it’s good to hear anything from Frontier at this point. So, what do we know about the future of Elite: Dangerous?

Well, first of all – patch 2.3.10 will be coming on June 27 for all platforms and there will be a beta for it which will be available to all players – not just the ones with beta access. The patch addresses many of the issues from 2.3, modifies a number of “under the hood” features, brings more multicrew control and brings general performance tweaks, especially for planetary gameplay.

Patch 2.4 will be announced and talked about during E3 on June 13th and 14th. There will be special community livestreams and activities that will cover new features and story developments. As it seems, the majority of the patch will be story related (which is awesome to hear), but not everything will be available once the patch drops. Rather, the story will unveil bit by bit in the weeks following the patch.

Zac also touched a bit on the subject of Elite’s future, and it seems that they might’ve taken the hint from all the community uproar. Meaning, Frontier promised that whatever patch comes after 2.4, they will actually not be tossing in more features, but rather be working on current systems and gameplay features. A full roadmap has been announced for later this year.

Hopefully, the dev team gets the current mechanics polished and expand on whatever we have now. Since Frontier already confirmed they will be moving away from the season pass model onto more DLC-like patches, it’s safe to say we might get separated content updates focused on some aspects of gameplay like exploration, mining, trading and even smuggling.

Time will only tell…