One of the communities within Elite: Dangerous with probably the biggest commitment to helping others is celebrating a huge milestone – their 20,000th successful rescue mission!

Unless you’ve been hiding behind an asteroid for the last couple of years – you’ve probably heard of the Fuel Rats. It’s a player group devoted to helping other commanders that were neglecting their fuel meter and ended up stranded somewhere in the black. In such cases, they respond as quickly as possible and usually multiple Fuel rats start jumping toward stranded players carrying the so much needed fuel.

One would think that sucking your fuel tank dry without any scoopable stars in the vicinity wouldn’t be a frequent event, but judging by the statistics of the Fuel Rats – it looks like it really happens much more frequently than one would anticipate.

And so, one rescue after another led the rats to their new landmark – a mind-blowing 20,000 successful rescues! With only 920 attempts that failed, the Fuel Rats are currently boasting with over a 95% success rate.

So remember – even if you forget to take a peek at your fuel meter, there’s always a bunch of awesome people ready to start jumping towards you with much needed help.

Kudos and congratulations!