If you missed the Distant Worlds 2 expedition (or if you got blown up on the way there and didn’t bother to jump back), the First Great Planetary Expedition just might be what you’ve been waiting for!

The idea behind The First Great Planetary Expedition is that it's a group exploration expedition in the grand tradition of things like Distant Worlds, but instead of jumping and honking your way around the galaxy in ships, you'll be driving around a chosen moon in SRV's. There will be grand vistas to admire, challenging terrain to be overcome, mountains to be scaled, vast deserts to be crossed and strong bonds of friendship to be forged. The ever present Earthlike world of Apasam (around which the moon orbits at a distance of something like 15,000km) will provide a constant spectacle in the sky and, with an orbital period of just 0.2 days and constant solar eclipses, the ever changing lighting conditions will ensure that no two places on this extraordinary world will ever look the same.

The expedition will be covering a distance of somewhere between 4000km and 5000km on the journey and, although it's very hard to predict at this stage, the estimate is that this will take somewhere around a month to complete. It's going to be a tough challenge which will require a certain amount of proficiency in the SRV to complete but the expedition leaders have some extremely experienced drivers along for the ride who will be there to provide guidance and they guarantee that you will finish the journey a better driver than when you started and will have many extraordinary experiences along the way.

The Great Planetary Expedition

The start date for the First Great Planetary Expedition is currently planned for Wednesday 27th March, departing Bridger Town planetary base at around 20:00 UTC. Commanders may be congregating earlier than that so the expedition hosts have set a racetrack around the central Bridger buildings to keep all present occupied.

If you want to be a part of this unique experience, make sure to head over to the official forum thread, check out the FAQ, various hints and how to best prepare yourself for the journey.

Oh, and make sure to bring a camera!