To celebrate the release of the latest expansion, EVE is hosting a double training weekend that will give you up to 50,000 skillpoints extra each day you log in!

Log in every day of this weekend and you can enjoy double skill training speed! Claim an extra 25,000 Skill Points twice as an Alpha and 50,000 Skill Points twice as an Omega that you can allocate freely to train skills in your queue faster. You can claim your Skill Points up until 11:00 UTC on Monday 19 November. Your two Skill Point rewards can be redeemed at the character select screen when you log in, or from the Neocom menu in game.

Upgrade to Omega Clone State and receive an extra 50,000 Skill Points per day during this weekend to spend on your skill training! If you upgrade to Omega during the weekend, you can claim the extra Skill Point rewards retroactively! Being Omega will also give you access to the whole skill tree, allowing you to train skills and pilot bigger, better ships such as the Triglavian vessels.

Please be aware that skillpoints are issued on an account rather than a character basis, so be sure to log into the character that you'd like to apply the skillpoints to when you redeem them.