After a short stream from Ed and Sandro, we finally know the official date for the last patch of the season. The Thargoids are here and we even got a nice trailer to give us the idea of what to expect.

The stream made a quick recap of all the new items we already know about from the betas. Stuff like

  • Various limpets that will enable players to repair the canopy
  • Tweaks to synthesis (timers)
  • Holo me slots
  • New bounty system which will be much harder to avoid
  • longer galaxy map plotting (up to 20k ly)
  • FSD boost and neutron star being taken into calculation while plotting routes
  • Changes to player inbox – filters and extra functionalities
  • New weapons and modules (Thargoid counters)

The highlight of the stream was certainly the new short cinematic showing Aegis, a new NPC group that gathers intelligence on the Thargoids and will be in charge of coordinating future research on the alien species.

Even though the cinematic is fully voiced over – it is said that patch 2.4 will not have any voiceovers apart from the cinematic. Will there be more of them as a part of the story - is currently unknown.

The full narrative part of patch 2.4 will not be available immediately upon launch, but it will come in smaller parts over time.

More info about that will be available during Frontier expo coming up on October 7th for which they promised more info about the fleshing out of the base gameplay features and a more opened communication with the community in the future.