Rumbles of concern over the disappearance of Palin hit social media this week as the mid-phase of the latest Interstellar Initiative - The Enclave - commenced.

The Thargoids have returned to the Pleiades Nebula in large numbers, with several conflicts reported within hours. Professor Alba Tesreau gave an update on behalf of Aegis Research:

“The Thargoid forces that recently withdrew from the core systems have resurfaced in the Pleiades Nebula following a brief disappearance. An initial analysis of their movements suggests a subtle change to their tactics. I believe they are seeking to reassert themselves in their original nexus.”

“A considerable number of Thargoid craft have gathered in the Maia system. With the Palin Research Centre facing an imminent attack, the decision was made to evacuate Professor Palin and his staff, thereby protecting a number of vital research projects. All work at Palin Research Centre has been suspended.”

“Regrettably, however, a transmission from Palin’s megaship, Carson's Spring, indicates that it was assaulted by Thargoid vessels shortly after departure. With system security forces already under pressure, we urge independent pilots to head to Maia and protect Carson’s Spring.”

  • Thargoids have been sighted in the Pleiades Nebula, with several Thargoid scouts recently being sighted close to Professor Palin's base in the Maia system.
  • Out of concern for Professor Palin's safety, a megaship has been dispatched to safely transport him to the Arque system.
  • The megaship, Carson's Spring, can be found in the Maia system.
  • As the Professor's retreat takes place, Commanders will be unable to engineer at the Palin Research Centre.
  • Please be aware that the no fire zones are still in effect near Palin's Research Centre the and the Carson's Spring megaship. We expect these security systems to be deactivated by 18 July, 16:00 UTC, fines will no longer be issued for fighting in these areas.