The Crimson Harvest returns this year, as the Blood Raider Covenant look to embark on their annual harvest of capsuleer blood.

Famed for their kidnapping, bloodletting and ruthless raids into populated space, the story of the Blood Raiders is a tale that sends shivers down the spine of children across the Amarr Empire and beyond.

This October, how will the Empire fair against the coming onslaught with a newly crowned Empress on the Golden Throne of Amarr?

Will you fight for the golden fleet, or choose to prey upon those who look to thwart the Blood Raider advance?

This festive event features numerous pockets of space (check out your overview for Blood Raider Gauntlets) with specific event spawns that will grant bounty as well as unique SKINs and Blood Raider Cerebral Accelerators that will boost all attribute points by 10 for 24 hours.

Happy hunting o7