Two weeks ago, hundreds of commanders started their journey towards the Crab nebula. The call of exploration and the unknown was too great to keep them inside the bubble for long. Some of them never docked since they joined the expedition right after the Distant worlds, making their journey even greater.

At the moment, the expedition roster is moving towards waypoint 9 in Monkeyhead Nebula after which there will be only one more official waypoint to pass set for the 4th of July. Commanders will be able to chose several options of their return after that - containing more scenic routes around the galactic rim, a shorter way back to the bubble that passes through several more nebulas, or just wander out on their own.

The expedition was an amazing experience, that enabled many players to meet hundreds of new people with a similar interest and share their experiences with like minded people. Thousands of light years have been passed through, countess buggies exploded during regular waypoint shenanigans, and even some weird space encounters have been witnessed!

One of the most recent ones has to be the "Invisible wall" encounter by commanders Wolfsburg, RocketAbyss and Sneek that didn't end well for commander Wolfsburg who lost his pricey Anaconda to a fast spinning asteroid belt. Ironically, the last transmission before his ship got destroyed was: "I assure you - it's perfectly safe..."

Hopefully Frontier puts back commander Wolfsburg right where he was last seen and he will be able to finish the expedition as intended.

Until next time, fly safe commanders o7