For over three months Imperium forces have been trying to hold off the invasion of consolidated PAPI forces into the Imperium homeworld region of Delve. During these three months over 300.000 ships have been lost as PAPI forces have slowly gained hold on neighboring regions and constructed forward operating bases in preparation for the big push.

Earlier this week PAPI made its first major attempt to invade Delve itself by trying on two consecutive days to construct Keepstar class citadels in the system of FWST-8. On both occasions the fighting was fierce. Close to 4.000 capsuleers took part in the first battle where the outnumbered Imperium forces managed to destroy the Keepstar before it became operational.

The Imperium certainly managed to achieve their strategic objective but they paid a heavy price as they suffered substantially more losses than the PAPI forces including over 250 dreadnoughts. Undeterred, the next day PAPI forces tried to anchor a second Keepstar in the same system. The ensuing battle turned out to be one of the largest, if not the largest battle in New Eden history as around 6.500 capsuleers engaged in bloody combat non-stop for over 12 hours.

The Imperium changed tactics from the previous fight and fielded thousands of sub-capital ships attacking the Keepstar. PAPI forces tried the best they could to destroy the Imperium sub-capitals as fast as they could but the Imperium's apparent endless reserve of sub-caps filled the ranks. Slowly but surely the Imperium managed to chip away at the Keepstar defenses until it finally exploded.


Speaking on behalf of PAPI, Legacy spokesman Ron Usmc stated:

„After the months of challenges and threats we went in expecting one of the largest Titan battles in all of New Eden. Instead they brought us sub-capitals and thousands of them. We killed them all but not quick enough. They destroyed our new Keepstar and we can't wait to drop more. This invigorates us and it will only wrap up from here.“

The Imperium also remains steadfast according to spokesman Asher Elias:

This simpering Syndicate of scoundrels has brought all of known space to our gates and declared that their goal is to exterminate us and dissolve the bonds that we have built over many years. We are forced in turn to observe that little real progress has been made towards this goal. Our citizens still dwell in our homeland and our Keepstars stand in every constellation.“

It seems certain that this war that has taken so many lives and caused so much destruction in the past months will rage on for some time to come as neither side will back down.

*Images by Razorien