As the Thargoids continue to wreak havoc in the Pleiades, questions are being asked about the lack of an effective military response.

Gianna Tachibana, an Imperial Senator based in the Achenar system, offered the following assessment to The Imperial Herald:

“The Pleiades is at risk of becoming a no-go zone, accessible only to the most courageous pilots. The formation of militias of independent pilots has unquestionably had an impact, as has the advantage afforded by Aegis’s ongoing research. But one cannot escape the feeling that humanity is being reactive, rather than proactive.”

“What is needed is a comprehensive military strategy. The time for a coordinated response is now.”

Meanwhile, authorities in a number of systems have reported that sales of Thargoid-themed novelties, including toys and clothing, have skyrocketed in recent weeks. The manufacture of such merchandise has been condemned by many as insensitive.