The fun's not over yet! It looks like we might've gotten a bit more than expected. The latest experiments show the Thargoid megastructure reacting to Guardian artefacts!

To be honest, I was very sceptical about the latest patch and I didn’t expect it to contain anything meaningful or 2.4 related apart a few listening posts and a bunch of text blocks coming in our inbox – so I was really pleasantly surprised when the word got out about the Thargoid caves.

Now, so far – people managed to get inside and activate the inner chamber with a combination of Unknown items, but as it seems there are more combinations to discover.

As reported by Canonn research, inserting relics found at the lost Guardian ruins makes the machine go berserk with high energy output that deals massive heat damage to all nearby SRVs. As the commotion settled, Canonn scientist went back to work.

It is unknown at this point what the reaction means. Were Thargoids and the Guardians at war? Why does the machine react in such a violent way? At this point we can only speculate, but some relation between them exists for sure.

Thargoids are still not hostile

We also got a report from CMDR Malic which clearly shows that Thargoids, even though there are many people poking around their site, are still not hostile. He was the first commander that had a Thargoid encounter at the megastructure. Luckily, no harm was done to his ship or SRV apart from the usual scan the unknown ships do.

Many commanders started crafting a theory which states how Thargoids are still not considering humans as a threat, and how the aftermath with the destroyed Federation capitals means that they were either defending themselves or hold a grudge against the Federation navy exclusively since not a single member of the Pilots Federation hasn’t been harmed yet.

No matter how many reports of Thargoid interdictions were reported, or how many commanders experienced an encounter with the Thargoid ships either in space or around barnacles – so far, none of them have been harmed even though it’s obvious they have the firepower to obliterate any ship currently deployed in known space.