Most people know Teladi as a race of greedy, little lizards who only pay attention to a problem if that has a monetary advantage for them. While it is indeed true that Teladi are a rather profit-oriented species, prejudices have let to many antipathies against them in the known systems. If you've ever spent some time on a platform, you probably heard some nasty words about the Teladi yourself already. Cut off from their own territority and stranded in human systems they are not really welcome in, there are certainly better places a Teladi could wish to be in these days. Fortunately for the Teladi though, time changes. 

A gate realignment made possible what Teladi have hoped for a long time: a connection to two Teladi systems. X Rebirth: The Teladi Outpost opens up these systems to the Teladi and of course, also to you.

These new Teladi systems contain many new interesting places. Among these is probably one of the biggest and most impressive stations ever built: the Habitat-class Teladi superstation, Overwatch. Producing not only ships and wares, it serves as a home to most Teladi and is definitely worth visiting. Travelling the new systems you will easily notice the new Teladi ships, no human being as ever seen before, you will find new wares and upgrades for the Skunk and discover the one or other secret.

But it is not all roses. While the gate realignment established a connection to Argon and Terran space, the connection to the Teladi territority was lost, and so the supplies have been cut off. On top of all that, Xenon and Pirate factions exacerbate life for the Teladi and dangerous regions can make the navigation through some sectors quite a challenge.

Lots of changes, but also risks await the player in the Teladi Outpost DLC - the perfect place to be for an entrepreneur, a trader or a fighter.

So what do you wait for? Jump into the Albion Skunk, collect your ships and make some profit - or as a Teladi would say: Sahber ssu ogsom ssu eosh, wjasr.