While Update 2.51 has just reached the playerbase, Egosoft is already working on the next series of improvements, which will show X Rebirth in a whole new light. The first one being the Downloadable Content (DLC) expansion called The Teladi Outpost.

This expansion offers the player exciting new content, such as a new independent storyline and a whole new star system containing two unique sectors. Here the player can find a massive new space station belonging to the Teladi, harbouring not only numerous factories but also a wealth of new Teladi ships.

These new areas also contain hazardous regions and new groups of smugglers and pirates that offer the player countless encounter opportunities, as well as new weapons and equipment for the Albion Skunk.

Together with The Teladi Outpost DLC, X Rebirth will also see the release of its next major update: Version 3.0. This free update is available independently from the DLC and will come with its own new gameplay features, the detail of which will be announced later, along with more fixes, general improvements and optimisations. It will be released as a standard Steam update to all owners of X Rebirth, just as with previous patches.

X Rebirth 3.0 and the The Teladi Outpost DLC are planned to be released early December 2014, and will be free of charge for all existing X: Rebirth owners.