The dedicated developers at LGM (Little Green Man) games will always have a special place in my heart due to their signature feature - community relations. They excel at listening to the fan requests and are very active on all fronts - Steam forums and groups especially, making sure not to miss any kind of feedback. This makes it possible to have a product that’s completely community driven, with most features being implemented even at the cost of their own ideas.

They’ll be having a week long deal on the Steam, with their older, but finished products - Starpoint Gemini 1 & 2, including all of their DLC-s. SPG 2 counts more than 270,000 sold copies, with no plans to stop its development even years after its release. For a small indie studio that’s focused on their current Early Access title - SPG Warlords, the fact that they also find time to update their older games is definitely commendable.

Grab your own copy while it’s on sale and make sure to stop by their forum to say hi!

But that's not all! Exclusively for Alpha Orbital, the LGM team provided Steam keys for both SPG and SPG2. All you have to do is share some love by commenting below and 2 of you will be randomly awarded with the keys on Wednesday (August 31st)!

The contest has ended and the random generator chose these two lucky commanders:

  • Mirrowel (SPG2)
  • Hyperion (SPG Warlords)