After roughly 40 updates during Early Access, some smaller, some larger, some massive... Starpoint Gemini Warlords has left the relative safety of the Early Access harbor and has begun its long-awaited voyage of full release.

What's in this v1.000 update?

Now that the mushy part is done, let's check out the launch update. The big deal of this update is the storyline. The scenario is simply called campaign and devs advice you to start the game anew. A lot of changes have been made in almost all segments of the game and starting fresh is the best option.

Alpha/beta access players will notice that the Freeroam, Freeroam+ and Freeroam++ scenarios are gone and have been replaced by five distinct starting scenarios.

What's next on the plate?

Simply put: updates, both smaller and larger. Certainly that the diligent captains of the community will have plenty of things to report, be it glitches, full-on bugs or tweak and balancing requests – the dev team is ready to respond. That is the priority.

How about some additional content?

That's also on the agenda, BUT NOT RIGHT AWAY. There's a staggering amount of different configurations out there in the 'verse and such issues will be among the first to be addressed. Additional content, either in the form of free content updates or as paid DLCs are something that comes afterwards.

Knowing the history of LGM's way of supporting their own games, you can be 100% certain there will be a lot of stuff added to Starpoint Gemini: Warlords, and with the full modding support of the game via Steam Workshop – the game will certainly have a healthy life-span.

The game is currently available on Steam and GoG.

Fly safe or fly like you stole it!