It looks like this fall will be very bountiful for all space lovers! LGM is at it again, and Warlords are getting a brand new shiny DLC which they call the biggest piece of DLC content ever made by their studio...

Following a fantastic reception with the previously released DLC, Titans Return, LGM Games announced the biggest piece of DLC content ever developed by the studio, Cycle of Warfare.

The DLC brings four biggest features that dramatically update the gameplay:

  • Five new playable factions;
  • The game can be played from a lot of new perspectives;
  • The replayability is increased exponentially;
  • Over 100 hours of new Conquest and Scenario gameplay.

In the Cycle of Warfare DLC players will be able to start their conquest over the Gemini system as one of three other established factions, each contending with their own rivals and advantages; Iolian Pact, Korkyra and Outerlands.

These conquest scenarios can be easily modified in-game to allow the players to customize their own starting advantage as they see fit.

Cycle of warfare mothership

Aside from regular conquest, players will find that two amazing "challenge scenarios" for more experienced players have been added:

  • Play as the A'shriari. The unforgiving alien race bent on humanity's extinction.
  • ... or choose the life of an ambitious privateer and lead your clan to wealth and glory.

Both challenges modify the game's rules in different ways, moving away from empire management towards riskier gameplay.

The A'shriari are convinced that the only way to complete victory is a brutal "scorched earth" military strategy. Their massive mothership is capable of burning entire planets, vaporizing all means of sustaining life.

In short:

In the A'shriari scenario players will experience what it's like to:

  • Fly and command capital ships of an exclusive new alien shipline, from gunships to carriers;
  • Vanquish all human life from the Gemini system by shutting down all of the infrastructure;
  • Fire a massive weapon directly from their mothership, burning planets and vaporizing all means of sustaining life.

LGM is also adding new, completely free content for the owners of the base game. Players will encounter rare enemy alien ships which will drop epic equipment.

The Cycle of Warfare DLC will be available on 5 October 2017 on Steam, GOG and GamersGate platforms.