Starpoint Gemini 3 is now officially out as captain Bold finally arrives ready to rock the brand new chapter and conquer the universe!

In this weird and dreadful Year, where impossible keeps happening, LGM Games studio is proud to present the next unexpected gaming treat, an experience featuring impossible odds – becoming a dominating factor in the galaxy without being anything close to a superhero! Welcome to Starpoint Gemini 3!

Take the role of captain Bold, and embark on a completely insane journey that will reveal the side of Gemini universe like no sequel did before.

In this game you'll get it all – small guns, big guns, small ships, capital ships, smart characters and ...less smart characters. What binds all of it together is a personal story of a man that will use it all to achieve goals he never wanted, and in a way he seemingly wasn't capable of.

From the pen of Star Wars comics writer, welcome to a space adventure that will surprise you on every corner....

Starpoint Gemini 3 is a continuation of a decade long franchise, but with many technical and narrative features never seen before in the franchise.

A short list of LGM's „firsts“ in this game:

  • First time using fully 3D modeled, animated and voiceovered charaters
  • First time using fully functional cockpits
  • First time allowing players the use of both small, modular ships, but also capital ships
  • First time players can assemble their own ships and enjoy or laugh at their creations
  • First time visit structures and asteroids interiors
  • First time get your „hero“ punched in the face
  • First time players can catch a space fish. Seriously.
  • First time exit Gemini and tour the rest of territories formerly known as the Empire

If you're looking for serious parts of the game, yeah, there are some of these too, you can check them in Steam store page.

Game is exiting Early Access and entering full release as of November 5th on Steam and other digital distribution platforms. For the first 10 days, all owners of Starpoint Gemini 2 will have the chance to be shocked with 30% discount!