After 6 month of intense „combat“ LGM is halfway there! On March 23rd, the fifth major update for Starpoint Gemini 3 has landed. And what an update it is!

The storyline finally continues revealing more of our favorite Star Wars comics writer’s inspired ideas, capital ships are coming to life, your ADAH drone away missions are now a killing spree, commlinks are jammed with numerous vivid events unfolding before your eyes... And one last detail you can't miss, captain Bold is dead - long live the new captain Bold! Yes, the original main character has been retired and sent to the sulphur marshes of Extera. In his place a brand-new space dude sits, properly handsome and with an impeccable taste in fashion!

As one awesome man once said: „ That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. “, our Starpoint Gemini 3 development process is currently at one such crossroad. With Roadmap milestone 5 being reached, we're entering the second half of the entire process.

Mario Mihoković, LGM Games CEO

Starpoint Gemini 3 - Beta

First of all, you've probably noticed there was a longer pause between the last two updates. That was planned since the amount of assets and features needed for this cross into the beta stage was really huge. After all, you'll get the chance to check it all out!

The roadmap originally called this milestone „Narrative“, but LGM calls it „Beta“, since the size of this update grew significantly in the past months. Everything planned for the Narrative update is here, but so is a lot of other cool stuff.

So, what's new? Well, to check this out, you'll need about 5 seconds of playtime - starting with the main character. Jonathan Bold was given a complete overhaul, from the 3D model to animations. The old model has been removed, since, you know... Gemini isn't big enough for two Bolds.

What's more important is that Bold's journey continues further with this update. For the first time after Early Access launch, the main campaign is unlocked several steps further. There are new places to visit, new characters to meet, new intrigues to uncover... In the new missions you'll be able to start noticing changes in the main character’s personality. These changes will become more and more significant later on as the game nears the final stages of the campaign. The beta game version does not enables the entire storyline, but pushes it several steps ahead.

Starpoint Gemini 3 - Beta

All of you that already played through the game, will also notice that the first part of the campaign has also been upgraded with new animations and scenes. This is the plan till the end of development - to upgrade and polish everything, including the already implemented game elements.

For destruction-oriented addicts this update also comes with a couple of treats. The first is the arrival of anti capital ship combat mechanics. You now have weakpoints to target and exploit on these juggernauts, but beware - they also bite back and usually aren't alone. Note here that this system is just a small part of what the devs have planned later for player commanded capital ships. The second treat in this category is the addition of ADAH combat mechanics - our sweet drone can now encounter bad drones and waste them. ADAH can also find and gather loot on her away missions. Oh, and ADAH's model is also replaced with a new enhanced one!

Of other important news - the loot reward system has been revamped, mining rewards include „rich asteroids“ system, changes have been made to the UI with a number of UI elements added, added lots of events, encounters, between-faction events... Basically, the freeroam dimension of the game is also getting a serious boost. More places to visit, more stuff to see and more events to participate in. All of that will generate more opportunities for experience and level gains and ship improvements.

Before we post the intricate details of this mega update, one information for all players - as already mentioned as expected situation earlier - from this update you, unfortunately, you won't be able to use your old saves.

Starpoint Gemini 3 - Beta

We tried our best to keep the consistency of save files throughout all updates since September last year, but this massive update simply changed too much, both in the campaign and the freeroam mode. Forcing old saves to work with this version would cause a lot of unforeseen issues, so it was unavoidable. If all goes according to plans, this will be the only such situation during development, and we figured it's better to do this synchronization now rather than later when much more gaming hours could be in jeopardy. We hope you understand why we had to do this.

Mario Mihoković, LGM Games CEO

Also worth noting, despite the fact that the game is now largely improved and expanded on, development is still some ways off from being finished. All features included in the beta update will now be polished and tweaked according to requirements and feedback from players, plus LGM still has some major stuff to add, like player capital ship, remaining maps, rest of the campaign etc... With a very busy schedule ahead of them, this update gives us all a taste of what's to come soon!


  • ADDED: New campaign missions
  • ADDED: New main character model
  • ADDED: New storyline characters: J.J Digins, Vassily Ratbone, Night Watchman, Glenn Curacao
  • ADDED: New interior and exterior locations
  • ADDED: New character animations and voiceovers
  • ADDED: New interface elements and notification systems
  • ADDED: New hint and notifications
  • ADDED: New quest tracking and information panels to Starchart
  • ADDED: New encounters and random events throughout maps
  • ADDED: New loot system with more frequent drops
  • ADDED: New „rich node“ asteroids system for much more lucrative mining
  • ADDED: New weakpoint system for anti-enemy capital ships combat
  • ADDED: Enemy capital ship combat mechanics
  • ADDED: Hostile drones in interior maps
  • ADDED: ADAH drone combat mechanics
  • ADDED: New ADAH drone movement mechanics
  • ADDED: ADAH drone inventory
  • ADDED: Option to use quick interact button when using drone
  • ADDED: New loot and reward system for drone interior missions
  • ADDED: Enemy drones to fight against in interior missions
  • ADDED: HUD markers for discovered mining and scavenging objects - gas pockets, rich nodes and derelicts
  • ADDED: Asteroids HP bar visible to player
  • ADDED: New collisions with asteroids and other objects
  • ADDED: Ships can now destroy smaller asteroids by ramming into them
  • ADDED: Collisions from other objects now also add damage to player
  • ADDED: Large batches of new sounds linked to actions and objects
  • ADDED: New indicators when locked and targeted by enemy missiles
  • ADDED: New voiceovered chatter lines for number of events throughout maps
  • ADDED: Outlaw Guerilla special ship design
  • ADDED: Outlaws Stalker special ship design
  • ADDED: Options to scan the scenery objects
  • ADDED: New cutscenes for additional storyline missions and some revamped old ones
  • ADDED: Large batches of chatter voices for NPC ships and stations
  • ADDED: Additional sounds for HUD, cockpit and cutscenes
  • ADDED: Almost all asteroids yield loot now
  • ADDED: Encounter system when attempting to use TGate
  • ADDED: Encounter system when using NavBuoy
  • ADDED: Enemy space drones spawn system on various locations
  • ADDED: New Mars sector map, along with objects, encounters and characters
  • ADDED: Additional civilian and military traffic to various sectors
  • ADDED: Lock on enemy missiles as they are approaching
  • ADDED: New hints and HUD feedback information regarding missions and events
  • ADDED: HUD element - weapons fire range indicator
  • ADDED: Ship convoys near space stations
  • ADDED: Ship convoys near structure clusters
  • ADDED: Ships entering and exiting Starpoint
  • ADDED: Ships entering and exiting T Gate
  • ADDED: Ships using Nav buoys
  • ADDED: New information to stations and planets
  • ADDED: More additional variety in appearance of derelicts
  • ADDED: Scanner ship module now has new and upgraded stats
  • ADDED: New explosion visual and sound effects
  • ADDED: Derelicts now have special ambient sounds
  • UPDATED: Revamped experience rewards system
  • UPDATED: Revamped quest system with barmans
  • UPDATED: Shortened duration of damage effects on player ship
  • UPDATED: Modified visual particles when viewing game from cockpit
  • UPDATED: AI agression levels with ships in fleets
  • UPDATED: Firing weapons is now disabled in cruise mode and while charging cruise as well
  • UPDATED: Optimizations to physics system
  • UPDATED: Lens flare visual effects now depend on surrounding ambient
  • UPDATED: Weapons targeting against objects is now more precise
  • UPDATED: Revamped lighting effects and ambients in multiple sectors
  • UPDATED: Starchart received additional direction lines showing the path of jumps
  • UPDATED: Prices of numerous missiles reduced
  • UPDATED: Loot prices and availability increased throughout sectors
  • UPDATED: Rebalanced difficulty to adjust for new enemies and capital ships
  • UPDATED: Rebalanced prices of weapons and equipment
  • UPDATED: Rebalanced experience gain system
  • UPDATED: Rebalanced enemy weapons and rate of fire
  • UPDATED: Almost all crafting blueprints are rebalanced
  • UPDATED: Spin up cycles for Cyclone and Sorm modified
  • UPDATED: Increased the price of wing ship modules
  • UPDATED: Increased how much additional turrets influence wing module price
  • UPDATED: Music system now plays all tracks scattered in various sectors
  • UPDATED: All missions and other planned actions now yield experience points
  • UPDATED: T-Gate now has correct hit collision sphere
  • FIXED: Issues with releasing of 3D sounds
  • FIXED: Enemy weapons fire sounds now have correct ranges and volumes
  • FIXED: Mission and object markers on Starchart now are now saved correctly
  • FIXED: Corrected waypoint tracking and position on Starchart
  • FIXED: If already initiated, quick action cannot be started again
  • FIXED: Soundtrack is now properly played throughout sector maps, both combat tracks and ambiental ones
  • FIXED: Sound issues with playing multiple sounds at the same time
  • FIXED: Sound issues related to distance of the sound origin
  • FIXED: Multiple issues and desync during character animations
  • FIXED: Encounters will now spawn on correct positions
  • FIXED: Encounter ships will use correct predefined faction
  • FIXED: Several bugs during Jeepers Creepers Boss fight
  • FIXED: Lynx wings module now has correct stats
  • FIXED: Magellan refinery quests now work correctly
  • FIXED: Trade convoys follow correct paths and behaviour
  • FIXED: Autosaves now work correctly during campaign mission stages
  • FIXED: Cutscene on Pyros campaign mission doesn’t cause camera to offset
  • FIXED: You cannot accidentally sell quest items anymore
  • FIXED: Vfx from boost engines now shuts down correctly when disengaged
  • FIXED: Post processing effects from radiation now shuts down properly
  • FIXED: Iolia factory is now placed in the correct sector
  • FIXED: Crafting process now has more info on what is gained and invested
  • FIXED: Skipping cutscene doesn’t break the game anymore
  • FIXED: NPC AI behavior doesn’t halt indefinitely
  • FIXED: Target sphere on loot objects increased for easier selection
  • FIXED: All wings now have correct turning speed information
  • TWEAKED: Decreased energy recharge of weapon batteries
  • TWEAKED: Increased energy cost of scattergun weapons
  • TWEAKED: Increased inventory size for all hull modules
  • TWEAKED: Increased loot drop value of “ore nodes” and derelicts
  • TWEAKED: Repair and scan sounds now have normal volume
  • TWEAKED: Enemy structures now cannot be interacted with

(Original dev diary post on Steam.)