After a ransom attempt that sparked a big community interest when Snuffed Out tried to extort billions from Max Singularity VI, Pope of New Eden – a massive brawl took place over the hull timer of a Sotiyo...

On Monday, January 18th, a reddit post started to stir some commotion when Max Singularity asked for help in defending one of the Sixth Empire’s freeports located in the low-sec system of Basgerin. For those unaware, The Sixth Empire has always been very active in helping people deal with real-life issues as well as providing true free-ports for pilots that needed a safe place to store their capital ships while they are in between alliances or simply need a time off from EVE.

Our goal is to provide a place for players to have home in-game while they may be changing alliances, going to college, military service, or whatever their life challenges face them. We always state, “real life comes first” so in-game we provide a place to park their capital ships, or sell them, or even as stated change alliances. People often join then move on including entire corporations switching alliances.

So, it was of no wonder the general public reacted to such a call for help when someone who helped the community in many different ways needed a defence fleet against a well-known group of power around low-sec.

Snuffed Out vs POPE

As the final timer kept closing in, hundreds of pilots in various fleet compositions started moving into Basgerin peaking local with over 1300 players. At exactly 22:39, as the Sotiyo timer ticked, a massive Snuffed out capital fleet jumped on grid consisting of several Titans and around a hundred capitals. They started the assault while countless groups tried to fend them off pretty much unsuccessfully.

It wasn't just about Snuffed Out having a tighter composition or packing the grid with capitals – it was mostly the fact coordination of thousands of pilots across numerous smaller corporations and alliances is nearly impossible to sync together.

Blues vs blues vs neutrals vs warring alliances... The whole encounter turned into "Local is primary" pretty fast. While some better organized fleets pinged around sniping stragglers, some more opportunistic individuals took advantage of TiDi for personal profit from the wrecks on the battlefield.

In true EVE fashion, a unifying voice of The Pope’s rallying cry turned into a massive free-for-all on the Sotiyo grid resulting in total of over 93 billion ISK destroyed!